Maggie's Horse Rescue

All horses pictured below have been rehomed to loving homes.


I rescue horses who are on their way to being slaughtered. I feed them, medicate them, heal them and retrain them. Many come to me sick and hurt and hopeless. But these are such forgiving creatures and despite all the abuse they learn to trust and love humans again. When they are ready I find them the perfect homes that will treat them with the care and love they deserve for the rest of their lives. What a special animal whose heart can heal so quickly. They give me hope for our world.

This is Jake. He's about 5 or 6 years old. He came from a kill pen in Louisiana. After getting him home, gaining some weight, eating nutritious food and and resting for 6 months he's now being retrained. I took him to a Buck Brannaman clinic and he did wonderfully. He had no ground manners but was a quick leaner. He's very mellow yet new to many things. I am riding him and teaching him about partnership and basic aides. What a gorgeous boy!
This is Jewels. King Bar Jewels to be exact. She's 15 years old and 16 hands tall (a mature super model). She'd like you to know she's a princess. Jewels was very sick, in a lot of pain and mean. She had an ulcer in her eye that wouldn't heal and an infection in her body that wouldn't go away. She could barely stand on her back legs if one was lifted. And she would lunge at you or kick you once she knew she was about to get an injection, medication or her temperature taken. After months of meds and an eye surgery she recovered. Her vet file still has a big WARNING across it but she is sweet and mellow now. She rules the pasture with her boyfriend, Cloud. She still has a limp so I'm not riding her yet but she's come so far and has gained so much strength and health back. She fought and won her body back and she now loves to sit in the field and eat grass surrounded by friends and flowers. Soon it will be time for a bit more physical therapy and retraining though.