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Maggie McGovern brings us music that is dark and deep. She digs to uncover our hidden secrets; the stark, beautiful deformations of humanity. And finds pure innocence.

Her complex debut album was not crafted by groups of men in a think tank in LA or Nashville.  It was awoken at 4am by souls whispering, haunting voices with stories that needed to be told.  Maggie listened and “Freedom Scars” followed.  This album has a timeless sound that evokes primal feelings of connection to that lost part of us all – the part of our world crying out from the flickering shadows not to be ignored. The duskiness of the songs reminds us that each person is more than just the image their face and body present; we are bound by common rivers of emotion that stream around every life.

This is the world of singer/songwriter Maggie McGovern. She invites you to visit. Share her music. Her life. Connect.  Find your place in what IS and just be.

A frozen heart must be thawed not broken”